NC Innovations Waiver Services:

The NC Innovations Waiver is designed to provide an array of community based services and supports to promote choice, control and community membership.  These services provide a community-based alternative to institutional care for persons who require an ICF-MR level of care and meet additional eligibility criteria for this waiver.

Gaston Residential Services currently provides five services within the NC Innovations Waiver service array. These services are Residential Supports, Personal Care, In-Home Skill Building, Community Networking and Supported Employment.

Residential Supports:

Residential Supports provides services aimed at acquiring, retaining, and improving skills related to activities of daily living, such as personal grooming and cleanliness, bed making and household chores, eating and the preparation of food, and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable the individual to live in a non-institutional setting. GRS provides this service only to qualified participants who live in licensed homes operated by GRS.

Personal Care:

Personal Care services include support, supervision and engaging participation with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and other activities of daily living. GRS provides this service to qualified participants who live in an apartment or licensed home setting operated by GRS.

In-Home Skill Building:

In-Home Skill Building provides habilitation and skill building to enable the participant to acquire and maintain skills, which support more independence.    In-Home Skill Building augments the family and natural supports of the participant and consists of an array of services that are required to maintain and assist the participant with living in community settings.

Community Networking:

Community Networking enables the individual to acquire and maintain  skills that will allow him/her to function with greater independence in  the community.  Community Networking provides habilitation, training  and instruction coupled with elements of support in order to promote maximum participation while developing natural supports within integrated settings. 

Supported Employment:

Supported Employment Services provide assistance with choosing, acquiring, and maintaining a job for participants. Services include: pre-job training and/or education and development activities to prepare a participant to engage in meaningful work-related activities. Work-related activities may include career/educational counseling, job shadowing, assistance in the use of educational resources, education in resume preparation, job interview skills, study skills, assistance in learning skills necessary for job retention, and assisting a participant to operate a micro-enterprise. GRS provides this service to qualified participants through Career Management Group (CMG).