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The Hartness Fund

In today’s world, and for the first time in history, more that 12% of the disabled population is living to be older and enjoying life to the fullest. GRS is proud to serve the first generation of aging individuals. Currently, 50% of the persons receiving residential support services through GRS are at least 54 years old and 20% are older than 65. The increase in the age of people served is being met with unforeseen barriers that are threatening individuals’ quality of life.

Many of the persons served by GRS cannot afford essential tools needed to live comfortably and safely as they age. The cost of basic items such as hearing aids, dentures, and eyeglasses range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. These items are not fully covered by Medicare and are not covered at all by Medicaid. Despite being employed, many of these individuals cannot afford the items that they need.

In an effort to continue to provide our aging population with the opportunity to live comfortably in their communities, with those things needed to be safe in successful in their daily lives, GRS is excited to announce the Hartness Fund. This Fund will be used to assist individuals in affording those items that they otherwise may have to do without.

Please consider making a donation to the Hartness Fund. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  Please click below to donate to the Hartness Fund online or mail your donation to 905 North New Hope Road, Gastonia, NC 28054.