Performance and Awards

GRS's services are recognized on a national, state and local level for achievements in best practice, services, and innovation. The following are a few awards GRS has earned:

Community Building Award from the NC Community Support Providers Council. This is a statewide award for assisting individuals with disabilities to become true members of their community.

The Laura Maie Pettee Award is a statewide award presented to Rita Thuot, Executive Director, by the Community Living Association (now NCTASH), for her outstanding, statewide advocacy for persons with disabilities.

The Excellence In Innovation Award, also presented to Gaston Residential Services by the Community Living Association for cutting edge, best practice services.

The APSE Leadership Award, presented to Career Management Group, (formerly Employment Enterprises), a division of Gaston Residential Services, by APSE (The Association for Persons in Supported Employment). This is a national award in recognition of professional achievement in "Vision and Direction".

The Housing of North Carolina Award, a statewide award presented by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency for "Achievement In Affordable Housing".

Two of GRS's homes have been recognized nationally by HUD (Housing and Urban Development) as their "Top 1000" homes in the nation.

In addition, many of the staff of GRS have received individual, local and state awards in recognition of their professionalism, their support to the individuals we serve and their advocacy for persons with disabilities.