From the Executive Director

January 2018

What a pleasure to have worked for you! I have been most fortunate throughout the past forty years to be surrounded by dedicated board members, exceptional staff, encouraging families and most of all the people we serve.

Our volunteer Board of Directors has provided support and assistance to this organization throughout its history. Many former Board members support our mission throughout the community. I am grateful to the current Board for their support in assisting me during this challenging time. I know they will continue to provide excellent assistance to our new Executive Director.

I could not have built this organization and remained its CEO without the strength, intelligence and commitment of my staff. Throughout GRS’ history there has been a core staff that has aided this organization through incredible crises. Though Hugo comes to mind as the worst natural disaster, GRS staff have supported each other through terrible illness and death. And yes, we have shared great joy as well.

In the four decades that have passed, the encouragement of parents and family members is cherished. Early on, Nancy Brice volunteered to mend and sew for the people we served. Her stories about her family and her son whom we supported carried me through some very dark hours. As a Board member and then as a family member when we served her son, Jane reinforced the criticalness of quality services. Without the encouragement of many of our families, we would not be as strong as we are today.
The people of GRS are my passion. Most have families, and some have friends. They have wonderful staff to support them. Their accomplishments are many and they know their home is theirs. Those who have wanted jobs throughout their adult life have worked jobs of their choosing. Participation in the Advisory Council has provided the opportunity for the development of leadership skills. The community advocacy from the Council has resulted in greater accessibility for people with disabilities in the community. The pictures from the holiday dance in this issue will validate our ability to have fun!

I pass the gavel to a wonderful team. I know you will support Darlene Norton, who after 27 years at GRS in many capacities, is taking the helm.  I will miss you.